A little about me.


I’m Jason and I live and work in Southwell, just outside of Nottingham. I would like to say I know a thing or two about eating and cooking as I spend a vast amount of my time doing both! Throughout my travels with my fiancée we have done a great deal of both and generally plan most activities or trips away around food.

I have worked as a chef for the last ten years, apart from a short stint in the military and my time spent travelling. For the most, I do enjoy what I do, so this is an extension of that and basically a place for me to compile all my favourite recipes and to share them with whoever is interested.

Hopefully this will inspire people to give these recipes ago at home and enjoy them as much as Ella and I have cooking and eating them. Don’t get me wrong, at times i find cooking a serious chore after I’ve finished work but a nice home cooked meal with a cup of tea is always worth the effort.

Enjoy the site and the recipes.


P.S. We drink far too much red wine so most pictures may include a glass or two, but who doesn’t!


13 thoughts on “A little about me.

  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting and following the doings in Chiconia. How nice to see someone doing gluten free who doesn’t absolutely have to 😉 I’ll probably be pressured into making that salted caramel torte of yours by the Husband. All my cooking is GF by necessity, but I’m mostly interested in baking first and foremost, since it’s the hardest area to achieve good results without gluten.

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    1. Your welcome, thanks for the kind words. I don’t really know many GF recipes so it was nice to come across a blog I could get some inspiration from, for when I do GF in the future. And yes your right I tried making GF dumplings a few months back, let’s just say they didn’t work out how I had imagined!


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